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Thread: What does this mean...?? DBPA or mp3 tag..??

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    What does this mean...?? DBPA or mp3 tag..??

    My Sincere apologies, if this question should be on the mp3tag forum, but it may be an issue With dbpa.
    So Iam a unsure. After Ripping my CDs my naming string was incorrect so have been correcting numbering in mp3 tag.For most of the time, this has been going smoothly and correct.However, The odd time (and its very rare) I get a message pop up stating syntax incorrect.Some of my tracks then wont convert to my new numbering format.

    Please see capture.Any Ideas whats happened or how to correct..??.(I keep thinking maybe its my mistake going to fast, ive had around a thousand cd rips to convert-doing them in batches and maybe iam not letting/ selecting all tracks due to speed, or just hitting something by mistakeCropperCapture[53].jpg......)

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    Re: What does this mean...?? DBPA or mp3 tag..??

    I do not know what this error relates to, sorry.

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    Re: What does this mean...?? DBPA or mp3 tag..??

    Not clear what's causing the problem either. But it's not a dbpa problem. Somehow, something in file or directory name it doesn't like. But not obvious what it is.

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