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Thread: dBpoweramp for OSX, R15.7 beta

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    dBpoweramp for OSX, R15.7 beta

    This is the last planned part of R15 lifetime. All new features go into R16. R15.7 contains only critical bug fixes.

    Current version: beta 3

    Changes since R15.6:
    • Fixed DSP preset save button triggering the wrong action.
    • Fixed crash when last used codec does not exist [after running R16 alpha versions].
    • Fixed codec options not being saved correctly.
    • Fixed CD Ripper metadata cache option being saved incorrectly.
    • Fixed Opus encoder error when output filename contains quotation marks.
    • Fixed Multi Encoder failure with 24-bit source files.

    <now released>
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    Re: dBpoweramp for OSX, R15.7 beta

    Looking forward to the new release, Spoon. Thanks for all of your work (how many decades has it been?).
    Tested with Mac OS Sierra, I assume.

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