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Thread: Kudos on Batch Converter for Mac!

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    Thumbs up Kudos on Batch Converter for Mac!

    I've been using dBpoweramp for many years now to rip and manipulate/convert/tag my audio files. A year ago, i changed from windows to Mac. I found the Mac version to be as solid and useful as the windows version, even if typically running a revision behind the windows version.

    This weekend, for the first time, i had a need to use the Batch Converter. 90% of my audio files are in ALAC format with the remainder being either mp3 or aac. iTunes on my iMac is the central control point for my music playback. I can easily play music directly through my iMac, or through Airplay to my Apple TV or through USB to my DAC and Headphone Amplifier to my headphones, all while controlling everything on my iPad with the Apple Remote App. It's a great system i've worked on to tweak to perfection. This weekend i had a need to be able to export about 15% of my 14,000 songs to an external drive to take elsewhere and use for a function. To my pleasure, exporting and converting those files to mp3's while maintaining the folder structure was much easier than i expected using the Batch Converter. I had to play with the Dynamic Naming function for a bit to get things just the way i wanted them, but the help file was clear and (strangely) helpful, something not always true.

    So, my kudos and thanks to Spoon and the others responsible for developing the main windows program and the Mac implementation. I hope the Mac version continues to remain close in function and improvements to those in the windows version (as it has so far).

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    Re: Kudos on Batch Converter for Mac!


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