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Thread: ReplayGain not writing tags when ripping

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    ReplayGain not writing tags when ripping

    Hi - when ripping tracks with the ReplayGain DSP included in the processing . . . no tags are written to the files (Track or Album gain tags)

    I am using the RG option "Track, Album Gain & iTunes Album Normalisation". RG Codec R4: dppoweramp Ref 15.3: DSP Effects Release 11

    Here is the output from the Audio Extraction Log as an example:

    Encoder: FLAC -compression-level-5 -verify
    DSP Effects / Actions: -dspeffect1="ReplayGain= -albummode={qt}0{qt} -itunnorm={qt}1{qt} -r128lufs={qt}-18{qt}" -dspeffect2="ID Tag Processing=-case={qt}0{qt} -exportart={qt}(none){qt} -importart={qt}(none){qt} -maxart={qt}(any){qt} -maxartkb={qt}(any){qt} -rulemap={qt}IFCONTAINS RATING=[anyvalue]{_RET_}SET RATING=0{qt}"

    What am I doing wrong?

    I'm also thinking "-albummode={qt}0{qt}" would have been shown as "-albummode={qt}1{qt} ?

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    Re: ReplayGain not writing tags when ripping

    Try removing all dsp effects except the replaygain as a test.

    I have tried your exact conversion in R16 and it works as expected, I cannot test R15 anymore. The albummode is correct for the effect.

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    Re: ReplayGain not writing tags when ripping

    Thanks Spoon - so the issue was that I had exported the ripping profile (from the windows registry) before recently reinstalling my operating system . . . re-importing those registry settings was obviously not a good idea.

    But a happy ending - I upgraded from v15.3 Reference --> 16 Reference and problem solved. :-)

    I guess the alternative was to delete the profiles and rebuild them manually.

    R16 is pretty sweet. Thanks. Possible to add a 'save profiles' in future release?

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