I waited a long time for R16 and hoped for a "better" UI in the way, to respect the mandatory accessibility support for people with eye disabilities.
Windows has for those people like me the high-contrast-mode and high-contrast-themes - e.g. high-contrast-*1.

In the MSDN guide lines is written, that an enabled high-contrast-mode means for applications to stop using their own color themes, corporate design etc. and to use mandatorily the system colors.

In my case the dialogs would be black in the background, would have yellow text and white "borders".

Here you see the CD-Ripper in the black-yellow high-contrast:

2016-06-20_11-46-02-dBpoweramp CD Ripper.png

The R15 issues are still the same! There is no real revamp of the UI!

Drop-Downs render still black on black, the UI is only partly respecting the MSDN guide lines, etc..

I fear, there will not be any real assistance or support for accessibility? Right?

Losing hope a bit.