As the subject infers, I have noticed all too frequently that when I select Jukebox mode within a Genre or Style that often the same track (actually multiple tracks) are generated such that it becomes hardly a useful mode !

I've checked to confirm that the tracks are not present more than once in my selection, so that eliminates the possibility of 'actual' re-occurrence....
I just created a Jukebox selection for example, which I've never done from this particular Style and of a possible 135 tracks, several were repeated within a few successive tracks.

So I looked further and noted the likely reason: the total Jukebox selection is capped at 250 tracks, but I'd rather the program logically limit the total number of tracks cued to the maximum available from which it is asked to source and ensure NO repeats, than for it to populate the entire 250 limit with multiple repeats !

I really hope that you can effect this logic in the forthcoming release :-)