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Thread: DSD (SACD) Decoder won't install.

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    DSD (SACD) Decoder won't install.

    I have some .dff files, so I downloaded the DSD (SACD) Decoder for my dBpoweramp. I am running version 14.1, in Windows 7 Enterprise, 64 bit, and all the other decoders I use in dBpoweramp work fine. I get "Error whilst running C:\Program Files\dBpoweramp\dBConfig.exe" and when I click OK, it tells me that the codec installed successfully, but when I open up dBConfig, the codec is not in the list, and I don't get anything for it in the context menu when I right-click over the .dff files. Is there anything else I need to first install to make the decoder work? I just want to convert the .dff files to flac.

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    Re: DSD (SACD) Decoder won't install.

    In the meantime I used GoldWave to convert to wav, and then dBpoweramp to convert to flac. Still I'm curious as to why the codec installation failed.

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    Re: DSD (SACD) Decoder won't install.

    You have R14 installed, and most likely to a non default location. The codec is trying to install the 64 bit version because it cannot find the 32 bit install (which is r14). Uninstall all dBpoweramp and the codec, reboot Windows and reinstall all to the default location.

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