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Thread: MF Digital Ripstation

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    MF Digital Ripstation

    Install dBpoweramp, then Batch Ripper, download this file:


    Then browse to where dBpoweramp is installed, choose the Batch Ripper folder >> choose Loaders.

    Create a new folder called 'MF Digital Ripstation', browse into this folder. Create 5 further folders:


    into these folders copy and paste the downloaded file (so it is in each of these 5 folders).

    Then browse into Load folder, rename UniversalLoaderCLI_1.0b2 to load (the file should be load.exe if showing extensions). Browse into Reject and rename UniversalLoaderCLI_1.0b2 to reject, browse into Unload and rename UniversalLoaderCLI_1.0b2.exe to unload. Browse into pre-batch and change to pre-batch, browse to post-batch and rename to post-batch.

    Create a text file called DefaultCmdLine (create in your documents file, by right click >> new >> text document). It does not need to contain anything, copy and paste this file into the 5 folders, load, unload, reject, post-batch and pre-batch.

    Run Batch Ripper Configuration (from icon in start menu) and for each of the unconfigured drives listed click 'configure' change the loading method to MF Digital, type the commands as:

    Load: --comport=com3 --comspeed=9600 --drive=J: --drivebank=1 --bindtodrive --open --command=C:X:::E --commandbank1=I:X:30:5:E --close --unbindtodrive

    Unload: --comport=com3 --comspeed=9600 --drive=J: --drivebank=1 --bindtodrive --open --command=C:X:::E --commandbank1=A:X:30:5:E --close --unbindtodrive

    Reject: --comport=com3 --comspeed=9600 --drive=J: --drivebank=1 --bindtodrive --open --command=C:X:::E --commandbank1=G:X:30::E --closeblind --commandbank1=R:X:30:5:E --unbindtodrive

    Pre-Batch: --comport=com3 --comspeed=9600 --drive=J: --drivebank=1 --bindtodrive --closeblind --sleep=2 --unbindtodrive --exit

    Post Batch: --comport=com3 --comspeed=9600 --drive=J: --drivebank=1 --bindtodrive --open --unbindtodrive --exit

    Changing the comport as required and drive letter to match. Click the test button to make sure each method is working.
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