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Thread: MF Digital Ripstation

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    MF Digital Ripstation

    Install dBpoweramp, then Batch Ripper, download this file:


    Then browse to where dBpoweramp is installed, choose the Batch Ripper folder >> choose Loaders.

    Create a new folder called 'MF Digital Ripstation', browse into this folder. Create 5 further folders:


    into these folders copy and paste the downloaded file (so it is in each of these 5 folders).

    Then browse into Load folder, rename UniversalLoaderCLI_1.0b2 to load (the file should be load.exe if showing extensions). Browse into Reject and rename UniversalLoaderCLI_1.0b2 to reject, browse into Unload and rename UniversalLoaderCLI_1.0b2.exe to unload. Browse into pre-batch and change to pre-batch, browse to post-batch and rename to post-batch.

    Create a text file called DefaultCmdLine (create in your documents file, by right click >> new >> text document). It does not need to contain anything, copy and paste this file into the 5 folders, load, unload, reject, post-batch and pre-batch.

    Run Batch Ripper Configuration (from icon in start menu) and for each of the unconfigured drives listed click 'configure' change the loading method to MF Digital, type the commands as:

    Load: --comport=com3 --comspeed=9600 --drive=J: --drivebank=1 --bindtodrive --open --command=C:X:::E --commandbank1=I:X:30:5:E --close --unbindtodrive

    Unload: --comport=com3 --comspeed=9600 --drive=J: --drivebank=1 --bindtodrive --open --command=C:X:::E --commandbank1=A:X:30:5:E --close --unbindtodrive

    Reject: --comport=com3 --comspeed=9600 --drive=J: --drivebank=1 --bindtodrive --open --command=C:X:::E --commandbank1=G:X:30::E --closeblind --commandbank1=R:X:30:5:E --unbindtodrive

    Pre-Batch: --comport=com3 --comspeed=9600 --drive=J: --drivebank=1 --bindtodrive --closeblind --sleep=2 --unbindtodrive --exit

    Post Batch: --comport=com3 --comspeed=9600 --drive=J: --drivebank=1 --bindtodrive --open --unbindtodrive --exit

    Changing the comport as required and drive letter to match. Click the test button to make sure each method is working.
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    Re: MF Digital Ripstation

    Many thanks to Craig for posting these instructions.

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    Re: MF Digital Ripstation

    If I may add ripping parameters for left-side drives on the 4-drive Ripstation models:
    K: Insert disc to left side open tray
    B: Accept disc from left side open drive tray

    It took me a while to figure this out, so I hope this is helpful to others.

    Load: --comport=com3 --comspeed=9600 --drive=J: --drivebank=1 --bindtodrive --open --command=C:X:::E --commandbank1=K:X:30:5:E --close --unbindtodrive

    Unload: --comport=com3 --comspeed=9600 --drive=J: --drivebank=1 --bindtodrive --open --command=C:X:::E --commandbank1=B:X:30:5:E --close --unbindtodrive

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    Smile Re: MF Digital Ripstation

    I have the MF Digital Ripstation - DP5-7601XD with USB connection.
    Attempting to install with windows 10 64bit. I can switch it to a Win 10 32 bit or older XP machine if necessary.

    I found the Broadex Systems Inc driver called BreadUSB64 which I obtained from Acronova who have it as a download for their Xymba (Basically the same bit of kit) will work in Windows 10.
    So now I have a new entry in my Device Manager for 'Disk Autoloader' with a sub item of '7601XD MD1'
    The Driver tab identifies the hardware correctly, as an MF Digital 7601XD MD1
    This looked promising. I had Windows with a device driver that Windows matches to the device.

    Now All i need is to figure out how to configure the dBpoweramp 'Batch Riper Configuration' to talk to the device.
    Unfortuanlty the device is USB and the driver did not add a serial port. So the configuration in the prior post did not help.

    After some reading of threads I downloaded the 'MD Digital Baxter' driver from the 'Batch Ripper' page,
    and used that to configure the Batch Riper Configuration.

    Now testing but robot commands seem to take forever.
    I hear the drive open and close. But the rest of the system is not working. I don't think the robotics parts are getting any commands.
    It will not drop a CD down into the drive. If I manually drop a CD in the drive, the drive can see the tracks.

    Windows can see the CD drive, That is identified to Windows as a 'Pioneer - DVD-RW DVR-115'
    I can rip CD's one at a time, as if it were a standalone external drive.

    But the Batch Riper does not appear to be executing Load - Unload and Batch commands to the device.

    I have read the above, and understand, but the above configuration assumes a serial port, a COM port for command execution.
    I have read that the USB to serial port hardware / emulation may be inside the unit, downstream of an internal USB hub.
    However I don't see any COM port in device manager.

    I know these auto-loaders were sold by various companies, under various names.
    So suspect configuration as one of the other drivers for similar USB connection hardware from another manufacture might work.
    Any suggestions ?
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    Re: MF Digital Ripstation

    If you would like the USB driver installation software for your MF Digital Ripstation please contact me to make arrangements to forward the file to you. I had the same issue years ago with one of my machines and got the installation software for the driver from MF Digital. It installed quickly and the machine worked immediately afterwards.

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    Re: MF Digital Ripstation

    Hi, Any chance you can send me the USB driver for the MFDigital BR3-7601XDP ?


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