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If they do not supply via their store then there is no easy way of getting the Config page, also when the OS updates I believe it wipes the app if not through their store.
Am a bit puzzled by this. Since the .spk beta was released, Asset has pretty much been behaving as a regular app in the Package Center, perhaps with a couple of minor glitches. I have done some minor OS updates and all was well with the app not being wiped(unlike the back-end install of Asset I tried before). To offer two examples, MinimServer and Plex both offer .spk files for latest versions and these run just fine after OS updates without being installed via the store. I know that in the past the MinimServer developer has encountered long delays in getting Synology to post the latest version to the store, and the current Plex .spk version is way ahead of that in the Synology store. So you might want to check if dependence on the store is really necessary for purchase? And double-check that the current manual install of an .spk file does indeed preserve the installation after an OS update?