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Thread: Maintaining Directories After Conversion

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    Question Maintaining Directories After Conversion


    Hello I have recently bought dbPoweramp for Mac, and it is great software. I ripped 100+ CDs to FLAC over the weekend. Now I want to convert those FLAC files to AIFF (for Apple), whilst keeping the originals (for some reason...). I want to have two directories, one full of all my FLAC albums and one full of all my AIFF albums.

    The problem:

    When I do convert, the original directory structure is lost. The albums which previously consisted of a single directory (within a directory for each artist) are now split up into one directory per artist. As I listen to a lot of mix CDs, that's a lot of completely new artists popping up, not to mention the destruction of the album structure itself.

    How can I maintain the same directory format that the FLACs were in through conversion? At the moment the only way I can see is to select "Original Folder", and writing a shell script which creates the structure after the fact. But that might be a lot of work. At the very least I would like the directories to be albums rather than artists.

    Can anyone help me out here please?

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    Re: Maintaining Directories After Conversion

    Yes, you can easily do this.

    In the dynamic naming section of your convert screen, use something like this, while also changing the "folder" just above the dynamic naming row to what you want it to be. You may need several [trimfirstfolder] commands to get it how you want it. For each of those, you need a set of "[]" at the end.

    folder you want (e.g, music\AIFF)

    So, for example, if you have a bunch of FLAC files in:

    c:\music\flac\The Beatles\Abbey Road\01 - Something.flac

    make your folder "AIFF" and use the dynamic naming above and it should come out as:

    c:\music\AIFF\The Beatles\Abbey Road\01 - Something.aiff

    Play around a bit with the "trimfirstfolder" to get it right based on your structure. Then you'll be able to batch convert and keep everything the same except for some upper level directory.

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    Re: Maintaining Directories After Conversion

    There's a bug in the "output to" - "preserve source path" option. If you use dynamic naming and recreate the exact same structure, it'll work fine.

    You can tell whether it's working or not by clicking the +xxx files button, the left pane will show you the output path.

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    Re: Maintaining Directories After Conversion

    The bug is it is creating a folder:



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