Hello I have recently bought dbPoweramp for Mac, and it is great software. I ripped 100+ CDs to FLAC over the weekend. Now I want to convert those FLAC files to AIFF (for Apple), whilst keeping the originals (for some reason...). I want to have two directories, one full of all my FLAC albums and one full of all my AIFF albums.

The problem:

When I do convert, the original directory structure is lost. The albums which previously consisted of a single directory (within a directory for each artist) are now split up into one directory per artist. As I listen to a lot of mix CDs, that's a lot of completely new artists popping up, not to mention the destruction of the album structure itself.

How can I maintain the same directory format that the FLACs were in through conversion? At the moment the only way I can see is to select "Original Folder", and writing a shell script which creates the structure after the fact. But that might be a lot of work. At the very least I would like the directories to be albums rather than artists.

Can anyone help me out here please?