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Thread: MP3s not playing

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    Smile MP3s not playing

    I own a Naim HDX, which rips CDs, creates a WAV or FLAC copy to it's hard drive. It also has the option of creating MP3 files from the ripped WAVs (or FLACs). Many of my CDs seemed to have no track listing (and quite a lot had no identified album cover (jpeg)). So I had to manually edit the file listing, and sometimes scan in the existing album cover.
    Many of the MP3s which were created wouldn't play in any of the standard players (like iTunes, Quicktime, Windows Media Player etc).
    The strange thing was when I drag any of the files to a browser, it plays perfectly.
    Using the Batch Converter completely cured the problem - but I still don't understand why!

    I'm using the (Batch Converted) MP3s in a 1TB Hard drive, which I play in the car.
    Does anyone know why my original MP3s wouldn't play? -
    Is it because I had to mess with the metadata to name tracks (or scan in a jpeg album cover)?

    Aside from all that, thank you very much for a fabulous Batch Converter - I have 1400 albums - it took about 3 days, but saved my life!!!!

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    Re: MP3s not playing

    Perhaps there are bugs in the Naim mp3 encoder? if 3 main players cannot play the file then the file its self is at fault. Album art should not affect it.

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