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Thread: Asset R5 beta for OSX/Linux

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    Re: Asset R5 beta for OSX/Linux

    Running the beta R5 on QNAP TS451 and R4.7 on my QNAP TS421. The beta release has an issue with artwork i.e. some of the same albums which show artwork on my backup TS421 don't show artwork on the Naim app when using the beta R5 to stream from my TS451. Looking in File Explorer at Asset TS451 in the This PC/My Network section, many of the folders and individual files do not show the artwork icons whereas they do show in both the Windows File Explorer TS421 and Minimserver TS451 folders (I have had Minimserver on my QNAP TS451 as this is able to stream DSF files). I have left the "Upload artwork" setting unchecked as this just seems to choose a random image (e.g. I use the "Style" tag to differentiate between file formats and when this is used at a level below Album artist the image is always the same i.e. not of a CD or HiRes album for that artist.)

    I've tried clearing both caches via the Naim app but it's made no difference and I didn't expect it to as the same artwork is missing when viewing the server's interface via File Explorer on my PC.
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