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Thread: Best way to update meta data post-rip?

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    Best way to update meta data post-rip?

    I've ripped my CDs, and pointed iTunes at the folder. All my music is in that one folder to keep things simple.

    There are a few minor problems I'd like to fix:

    • A few CDs are missing artwork
    • Some multi artist disks show as "compilations" others "various"
    • Not all multi disc albums show the disks correctly.

    Do I fix this in iTunes as I used to do before I started using dBpoweramp?

    Also is a log kept anywhere of all the problem discs that didn't rip properly?


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    Re: Best way to update meta data post-rip?

    It is best to fix these prior to ripping, however you can do so by selecting all tracks of the album, right click >> edit edit tags

    From there you can add album art, or change tags.

    There is no log unless you configured secure ripping to write one, however try PerfectTUNES, it will check your tracks against accuraterip and list the ones with errors.

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