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Thread: GUI menus overlaping

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    GUI menus overlaping

    Hi there,

    I am considering purchasing perfectTUNES (with dBpoweramp) so downloaded the un-registered version to give it a try. I am using a DELL XPS 13 with a 4k display running windows 10 and am having some issues with very small and overlapping drop downs/menus- which renders the softwere unusable. A quick search of this forum turned up a couple of past cases where other users have suffered similar problems and as suggested I have tried adjusting the windows scaling, down as low as 100% (from 250%), in addition to reducing the screen resolution down to 1080p and even 800x600. The problem still persists for all of the above cases. I would appreciate any advice on how as I can remedy this, otherwise the illistrate product line looks to be a promising suite of software. Please see screen shot below:



    PS. I have yet to trial the ripper and converter so cannot comment (yet) whether this problem persists for me there too.

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    Re: GUI menus overlaping

    The scaling must still be taking place at 250%, because the boxes which are too large are controlled by Windows (the size) not PerfectTUNES.

    After changing the scaling you have to do a full reboot of the computer for it to take.

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    Re: GUI menus overlaping

    Success, thanks for your help!

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