Compilation album artwork.

Requested Feature
An option to search based on "Artist - Album (Default)", "Artist - Title", "Year Artist Title", "file", and "folder - file"
this small cosmetic change make a world of a difference for me.

When I click on Fix in Perfect Tunes, it looks up images based on "Artist - Album" which goes well with "album art".. now a days, most artists come out with only a single hit from the album and music sources like now music takes these 1 hit wonders and shove them all inside one album. so, the album "now that's what i call music 35" is misleading from the true art cover. yes, the album art is correct, but the title art is not. and i don't really care for the album art. it's the title art cover that helps us dj's identify a song. especially in multi artist compilations.

My ideal tag and art info is the original art and tags from the original first source first appearance record label.

Thanks in advanced.