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Thread: Replacement for illustrate's "My Music Collection" application?

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    Replacement for illustrate's "My Music Collection" application?

    When I first installed dbPowerAmp several years ago it came with a player and with a music library organizing program called "My Music Collection". The "My Music Collection" program started crashing when I upgraded to Windows 7 and I was hoping illustrate would provide an updated version, but I have not found that. I downloaded a trail of PerfectTunes but it seems to have neither the player nor the "My Music Collection". If illustrate no longer makes a player that integrates with their other software I can find others for that. But does anyone know of a replacement for "My Music Collection"? Here are some of the things it could do:
    1) Allow users to create one or more music collections. I had one for each genre but my main one was all music. I could just point to the top folder and all the music in all sub-folders would be loaded into this collection.
    2) Users could then view the listings of all music in their collection and by clicking on the top row they could sort by artist, title, genre, etc.
    3) ID tags could be edited for individual or for groups of songs simultaneously.
    4) Songs could be played within the program by the dBpoweramp audio player by selecting out of the main list or by creating playlists.
    5) Missing files from the playlist could be listed and searched for (i.e. someone moved them on disk drive)
    6) The main feature I liked so much was that the music could be organized on the computer as we requested. I would have it sort my files under my main music folder by "\[genre]\[artist]-[track]\.
    7) And even nicer feature was to be able to rename the files by the ID tags the way we chose. I renamed all my files to be "[Artist]-[Title]" from the ID tag. Nice feature.

    Are there any replacement programs that can do all these functions? Thank you.

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    Re: Replacement for illustrate's "My Music Collection" application?

    We do not have a replacement for dBpoweramp (the Audio Player).

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    Re: Replacement for illustrate's "My Music Collection" application?

    If on windows, foobar2000 as a player/library management system will do virtually all* of what you want. It is almost infinitely adjustable with various add-on components and settings. You may have a bit of a learning curve, but it will be worth it.

    *Edit: actually, looking at your list again I'd say foobar2000 can do EVERYTHING you've asked about.
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