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Hi. Could anyone please recommend an accurate drive for ripping CDs? My Windows machine is nearly ten years old and seems wobbly. I have an iMac, too, but I have noticed that ripping with an external SuperDrive often takes many times longer than ripping with my ancient Windows computer, so I wonder whether there is something wrong with it. I also have an external Blu-Ray reader/writer for the Mac.

I suppose I could replace the Windows computer, but what DVD drive or CD drive (if someone still makes those) should I buy for it? I get the sense that the obsolete drives rip most accurately, but does no one currently make a drive that can accurately extract the zeros and ones from an audio CD?

Thanks for any help.
A couple of friends are getting good results from the Lite-On iHAS 124-14. Still seem to be readily available from a well known auction site!