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Thread: dBpoweramp for OSX, R15.5 beta

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    Re: "Initialization failure"

    Thanks for the bug report, this is most puzzling.

    From the looks of it, fork() call is failing to create a new process, and succeeds once you retry the operation later on - presumably launching too many concurrent conversion processes fails with some out-of-resources condition.

    I'll add more detailed information about fork() failure condition for the next update.

    Has this ever happened before with an older version of dBpoweramp for OSX?

    I did change conversion process semantics in this version, but I don't understand how it can possibly inflict this issue.
    In detail: I dropped use of separate CoreConverter executable, now re-launching main dBpoweramp executable with -coreconverter arg to launch embedded CoreConverter code instead, maybe the problem is that the main dBpoweramp executable is larger than CoreConverter was.
    If this bug persists, I'll revert the change, as it's not that important at this time, but I'd like to get to understand how this is failing first.
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    Posted beta 7.

    "Initialization failure" error message been replaced with more meaningful errors about why the conversion process failed to start up.

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    Re: dBpoweramp for OSX, R15.5 beta

    Now Released

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