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Thread: Are ReplayGain messages logged?

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    Feb 2012

    Are ReplayGain messages logged?

    Ripped a CD to FLAC and had the ReplayGain DSP applied.

    After the rip was finished, the info window contained the following (in addition to the "regular" info):

    Warning: Normalisation gain would have resulted in clipping, gain has been reduced to prevent this: Loudness=-21.89LUFS, Gain=3.89dB, Maximum True Peak=-1.00LUFS, True Peak=-3.78LUFS, New gain=2.78dB [clDSP::EndConversion]

    However, the info was not included in the secure extraction log (report contents = complete) written to the same folder as the audio files.

    Is this expected behavior?

    If so, are the ReplayGain messages logged anywhere besides the info window?

    Would be nice, since one or two would be easy to miss in the info window when ripping a CD with many tracks.

    Windows 10, dbpa R15.3

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    Re: Are ReplayGain messages logged?

    It is expected, as this info from the DSP does not link into the extraction log (which is CD ripper).

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