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Thread: dBpoweramp Showing multiple tracks

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    May 2016

    dBpoweramp Showing multiple tracks

    Hi everyone this is probably a newbie question. But when I view some albums in Asset UPnP there appears to be duplicate tracks in the play list it show's mp3 format when the file only contains Flac files see picture. Any help would gratefully received.

    Snap 2016-05-21 at 18.19.03.png
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    Re: dBpoweramp Showing multiple tracks

    Hi everyone, I don't know how to find the right addressee for my problem. I had purchased dbpoweramp. But now it simply says "Expired beta Version 15.4". Therefore, I can't perform any secure rips.

    Please give me a hint on how to write an e-mail to the support staff. Thank you.


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    Re: dBpoweramp Showing multiple tracks

    @Nitram I have replied to your Personal Message.

    Lesterjd - these mp3 files they exist, the file size shown for them is correct for mp3 (if you compare to the flac file size).

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