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Thread: File Not Supported - HDtracks FLAC

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    Question File Not Supported - HDtracks FLAC

    If I try to play FLAC tracks that I purchased from HDtracks through Asset UPnP onto my TV, I am presented with the message "File Not Supported", but if I play some of my own FLAC rips, they play.

    Is there anything I need to do to get my HDtracks FLAC albums to play? They play fine on my computers.

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    Re: File Not Supported - HDtracks FLAC

    If your ripped tracks are from CD they will be 44.1 khz 16 bit the ones from HDTracks will be 96 or 192 kHz 24 bit which your TV cannot play. I have a similar issue with an internet radio. If you have a licenced version of Dbpoweramp you can use the converter to create an alternative version at a lower bit rate or in Asset you can set the max bit rate to something your TV can cope with and I believe in some versions of Asset this can be done per device but not on the one I run on a Raspberry Pi.

    Cheers Richard

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