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Thread: A big holiday Thank You!

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    Dec 2015

    Thumbs up A big holiday Thank You!

    Just wanted to offer my congratulations and especially my thanks for your wonderful products. I used to be the technically adept sort, but then I got old and went fishing skipped the whole iTunes/mp3 thing in a Rip van Winkle generational sort of way.

    Nevertheless, having recently been shaken awake and thanks to your Music Converter, CD Ripper, PerfectTunes and Asset uPNP products, in the course of less than a week I now have my entire 1000+ CD collection ripped to FLACs, well organized and streaming to my Yamaha RX-V775WA AV receiver at home, playing off a hard drive connected to my other Yamaha receiver (the new stereo R-N602) at the cabin, and playing via 192kbps MP3s off a tiny dime-sized 128GB USB key in the car. Quite remarkable.

    Thanks, well done, and keep up the good work.


    Atlanta, Georgia USA

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    Re: A big holiday Thank You!

    ...and Christmas greetings to you

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