Hey, everyone,

Several months ago there was some discussion on how to transfer information entered into the batch ripper, such as BatchID, BatchName, pre-batch notes into the metatags of each file in the batch using "Tag Mappings" in the batch ripper. Several suggestions were made like,
IF batchname=[anyvalue]
SET Album=[tag]batchname[]

But none worked. I am not talking about transferring to folder and file names, as the following Naming String in CD Ripper works great
[tag]batchname[]\[tag]batchname[] - D[SETLEN]2,48,,[tag]batchdiscnumber[][]T[track]

Where batchname contains the audiobook title and is the information I want to past to the [album] metatag.

Any new ideas on how to make this work? Also, can someone update me on the proper format for the [tag]<element> string?

Thanks, GeekE