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Thread: Multiple Nimbies?

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    Multiple Nimbies?

    Just installed my DB reference, Batch Ripper, and Nimbie Batch Ripper driver. Iíve installed it in the order required (as per another post). Iíve installed it on a new Windows 10 machine. Note Iíve done all the tests below on other machines as well, using Win 7 and 8.1, with identical results.

    Iím attempting to use two new and identical Nimbie NB21-DVDs in parallel to batch rip.

    Good news: Both Nimbies work individually when I run them one at a time. I can also run one nimbie, and one of the inbuilt DVD players in my tower machine to rip in parallel.

    My issue: If I have the second nimbie plugged in/powered on, the Batch Rip process wonít start.

    I ran the test processes in the Batch Ripper config and it did the same thing, namely:

    a) Both machines switched on Ė show up as separate drives in the batch rip program
    b) Tick one machine or both machines, and start batch rip
    c) Drawer opens on first nimbie, then program hangs

    Does the application support two nimbies running at once?

    Let me know if I can provide any more info to help.


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    Re: Multiple Nimbies?

    Batch ripper its self becomes unresponsive?

    or Windows hangs also?

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    Re: Multiple Nimbies?

    Quote Originally Posted by Spoon View Post
    Batch ripper its self becomes unresponsive?

    or Windows hangs also?
    Hi Spoon

    Thanks for your reply. Windows remains fully operational. It is Batch Ripper that crashes (and is unrecoverable....if I turn all Nimbies off, it remains hanging and I need to kill that program via Task Manager)



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    Re: Multiple Nimbies?

    Hi - some additional findings from experiments today:

    * The experience in the post above was when the nimbies were both plugged in to USB3.0 ports (separate ports - not on a bridged USB adapter or anything)

    * I plugged one nimbie in to a USB2.0 slot and got slightly different behaviour - only one Nimbie operated (the first one I started, on the USB3.0), the disc drawer opens and closes in a loop, no disc gets loaded. As soon as I power down the second nimbie (on USB 2.0), the first nimbie on USB3.0 began began to work as intended, i.e. cycling through the discs in the loader.

    Hope this helps.



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    Re: Multiple Nimbies?

    I do not know what to suggest, sorry

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