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Thread: FLAC to ALC loses song name (Win10)

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    Sep 2015

    FLAC to ALC loses song name (Win10)

    Just tried to convert some FLAC to ALC and inport into iTunes. The file comes over fine with all info EXCEPT that the song name truncates after the first word. Single word song titles get a double quote added to the end of the word. I have a BUNCH to convert and would hope there is a solution.


    Win 10 64bit
    Fresh install
    Latest iTunes and dBpoweramp as of 09/21/2015

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    Re: FLAC to ALC loses song name (Win10)

    Are you seeing this problem in iTunes? Do you see the same problem using Edit ID-tag?

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    Re: FLAC to ALC loses song name (Win10)

    Right click on FLAC file >> Edit id tags, are the tags correct, then do the same on the Apple Lossless file.

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