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Thread: FLAC authentication using PerfectTUNES

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    FLAC authentication using PerfectTUNES

    I'm checking my collection of FLAC albums, and would like to know if using PerfectTUNES Accuraterip will determine if the FLAC file has been created from a CD rather than say an MP3.

    As a test, I've created three fake FLAC albums using purchased MP3 albums and converting them to FLAC via Batch Converter, and when I run them through PerfectTUNES Accuraterip it has a message "Cannot Check: Track Length Different from CD Original". Is that a way to determine if the file is not a real FLAC, and I can delete any I find.

    I also have a couple of FLAC files I've checked via Audiochecker and it says a couple of tracks are likely to be MPEG, but the same files check out OK in Accuraterip.

    If I run a FLAC album through PerfectTUNES / Accuraterip and the message is say "21 tracks accurate" is that a verification that it is a genuine FLAC file/album.

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    Re: FLAC authentication using PerfectTUNES

    It is one way yes, first the track must exactly match the length on CD, then the audio has to match the audio on CD, an mp3 will not do this.

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    Re: FLAC authentication using PerfectTUNES

    Thanks for your reply, Spoon.
    Carried out another test on a set of FLAC files, and the same set in MP3 and converted via Batch Convert to FLAC.
    Thankfully the results were as hoped.
    The "real" FLAC set passed AccurateRip, but the MP3 converted to FLAC all failed with "Not Checked: Not Lossless CD Quality"

    Would I be correct to assume that if the AccurateRip is validated, I have a good set of FLAC files.

    Thank you.

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