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Thread: Add AccurateRip tags to existing files?

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    Add AccurateRip tags to existing files?

    I have a bunch of albums previously ripped using Exact Audio Copy. AccurateRip shows these albums as "accurate", but there seems to be no way to ask it to add the AccurateRip tag information (AccurateRipDiscID and AccurateRipResult) to them (unless I'm missing something). I'm currently going through all my CDs and re-ripping them with dbPoweramp (primarily to get the AccurateRip tagging info, but I'm also updating other tags on the way) and finding that a number of them will no longer rip accurately for whatever reason. It would be handy to be able to take the accurate files that I've already got and just add the missing tags. Can AccurateRip do this, or could it be made to in a future version?


    Pete C.

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    Re: Add AccurateRip tags to existing files?

    Currently PerfectTUNES will not do this.

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