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Thread: Ripping speed: PX-230A (52X) vs DS8A8SH (

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    Question Ripping speed: PX-230A (52X) vs DS8A8SH (


    TL;DR: Two questions 1. What difference in ripping time should I expect between a 52X drive vs a 24X drive? (ignore encoding time which is not a bottleneck for me). 2. Why is the encoder sometimes "stuck" at 99%?

    Details: My usual rip drive is a Plextor PX-230A that I had for maybe 10 years. I am increasingly worried that it will either break or become impossible to connect to a modern PC. (Right now I use a red Addonics ide to sata converter that works fine. There is also a green variant, and it is also sold by others under various names -- not sure if anything else works or not)

    So I also bought a rebadged DVD-RW DS8A8SH . (This is a laptop SATA slim drive that ranks second on the drive accuracy list). I did connect it to my PC with an adaptor (from PC SATA to Laptop SATA) and it works fine (C2 pointers, etc), but it is much slower that than the Plextor. I realize that the the Plextor is 52X while the DS8A8SH is only 24 X, but does this lead to a 3 x slower rip?

    Regarding the second question: I simultaneously encode to FLAC and MP3 using multi-CPu on a powerful machine to a NAS. The encoder seems to "stuck" at 99% for quite a while, any idea what's going on? This happens on all tracks but is relevant only for the last tracks because in general encoding on a multi-core Haswell-e CPU with a SSD is faster than the ripping. The "stuck at 99%" happens both on the Plextor and the DS8A8SH.

    Thanks for any ideas! -- Ham

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    Re: Ripping speed: PX-230A (52X) vs DS8A8SH (

    99% stuck suggests it is slow at adding the id tags after ripping, as a test try to rip all local and see if it does not get stuck.

    Advertised maximum speeds often have no bearing on a drives ability to rip audio.

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