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Thread: Unable to change album art.

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    Unable to change album art.

    I am relatively new to dBpoweramp and I haven't gone into much detail with any of the settings or files or whatever. I have several albums that my friend gave to me and I'm unable to change the album art on two or three of them.

    Message is as below: (for example)
    Unable to write tags for: C:\Users\******\Music\Music\*1 Music Avenged Sevenfold\Afterlife.mp3

    I have tried changing the album art through windows media player but it says something along the lines of "cannot make changes as a song(s) are in use", whenever I have tried this however there have been no songs playing.


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    Re: Unable to change album art.

    The files might be set as read only.

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    Re: Unable to change album art.

    Oh yeah okay, I've noticed that before but didn't realize. Thanks

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