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Thread: usage of custom tags

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    usage of custom tags

    Is it possible to use custom tags in the Browse Tree or somewhere else?
    E.g. I collect personal notes in a COMMENT tag in the first title of each album.
    I created a New Container named "Comment", the whole collection was rescanned
    but the container remained empty.

    It would be perfect to find my notes somewhere in the dialog when I click
    "Show metadata" in the context menu of a title in BubbleUPnP.
    Is that feasible?

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    Re: usage of custom tags

    Just found the manual to add custom tags in "Adding Custom ID Tags to Asset". Seems to need a
    rewrite for the new version. Didn't find the registry value, but found the textfile "MediaDatabaseFieldsv5.txt"
    in "C:\User\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\dBpoweramp\uMe diaLibrary". Added the COMMENT tag as
    described but it didn't show up.
    Which leads to another important question: After I've installed AssetUPnP, how do I get back to the first
    dialog on which AssetUPnP can be restarted and on which I can also watch the progress when music
    is scanned?
    I only found "AssetConfig.exe" which leads directly to "Configuration: Advanced Settings".
    How is AssetUPnP started? I found a Windows service, but it seems to be unused.

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    Re: usage of custom tags

    Adding to MediaDatabaseFieldsv5.txt only tells asset to index that tag (you have to do a refresh all).

    Then you add Comment to the browse tree, it will not be listed in the drop menu, however you can type what ever tags you want there.

    An icon is created which shows the first page.

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