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Thread: AMG Metadata discontinuation

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    AMG Metadata discontinuation

    The AMG metadata service is being phased out and will be switched off around July 2016. It is in our plans to replace AMG with alternative metadata (discogs is the likely replacement).

    dBpoweramp R16 will release around July 2016, it will include an alternative database.

    Batch Ripper after July 2016 will only access: GD3, freedb, Musicbrainz. note all AMG updates should be used before the switch off date of July 2016.

    We have supplied AMG metadata for the last 10 years, uninterrupted, the withdrawal does not just affect dBpoweramp but every program which uses CD lookups based on AMG metadata.

    Thank you for your understanding.
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    Re: AMG Metadata discontinuation

    AMG has finally stopped working, for those who use a version of dBpoweramp your choices are:

    a) Uncheck All Media Guide (AMG) from the metadata menu, CD Ripper will continue to function with the remaining 3 providers

    b) Upgrade to R16 (or later) where AMG has been replaced by discogs

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