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Thread: Migrating from MediaTomb structure

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    Migrating from MediaTomb structure

    I've used MediaTomb for years with EAC as the ripper to tagless WAV files. This wasn't a problem because I wrote a javascript function for MediaTomb to recognise the directory structure output from EAC as <Artist>/<Album>/<trackNo>.<Title> so that it was imported into the database as though there was rudimentary metadata and I still browse by just Album, Artist - Album, or Artist and then Album etc. The file extension got removed from the DB and the track number was used for ordering but also not shown in the renderer. MediaTomb has served me well but lack of album art finally got to me.

    I see the forum many people ask about how best to create folder structure for creating rips. But I am wondering how to manage this migration. I have about 1000 albums and the nearest I can get in Asset is to use the folder view which doesn't respond to album art or let me just browse directly by album names.

    When there is no meta data on the files, is there any way to make Asset derive meaningful data from the folder structure and use it to build correct artist, album, track lists?

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    Re: Migrating from MediaTomb structure

    Install dBpoweramp and the Tag from filename utility codec, it should tag the files so Asset can read.

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