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Thread: Strange Goings On When Tagging My Files

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    Lightbulb Strange Goings On When Tagging My Files

    Hi All!

    Thanks for the good response last time. Really helpful!

    Got a question not quite about db poweramp, but something closely related. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this strange phenomena that I'm about to explain.

    Started tagging via Media Monkey, as I find it much easier because you can just select a whole load of songs at once and batch tag them.

    I added a bunch of files to MM library, and went ahead and tagged them all.

    The file destination is in a folder that syncs directly to One Drive for backup.

    I noticed that all the files I had manipulated in MM had been duplicated, so it looks like the original file is in place, but another file has been created with the updated tagging data I inputed via MM.

    Pretty weird!

    I have the same track in 3 different folders being synced to the cloud at the same time, 1st copy is an archived original, 2nd is a compressed and 3rd is a copy (which I will delete later as I created it before learning about compression). I tagged all 3 of the same tracks from the 3 distinct folders at the same time in MM, so wondering if this is probably not a good method for tagging? As it has seemingly created a data monster!


    Any ideas on what I should be doing about this please?

    Thanks in advance

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