I've just switched to the OS X version of dBpoweramp after using the Windows version for years. I'm using the Multi Encoder to rip FLAC and MP3 files to separate directories on my NAS. I define the output locations for each format within the Encoder's settings. I've regularly done this without problem in Windows.

But, in Windows--when Multi Encoder is used--the Path setting under 'Rip to' in the lower left corner of the main screen is greyed out. However, in OS X, the Path entry box remains active and 'insists' on having a path defined. This would seem to set up potential conflicts with the individual paths set in each of the encoders. And results in frequent error messages related to files being directed to that path listing. Is there something I'm missing, or is this a 'bug'? The files otherwise seem to be getting ripped to the appropriate locations as set in the Encoders (FLAC and MP3).