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Thread: Ripping Errors / Slow Rip

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    Post Ripping Errors / Slow Rip


    I am using dBpoweramp 14. I am using Nimbie USB Plus to batch rip. I have spoken with Acronova tech support to make sure there are no hardware problems. Acronova also checked the settings in dBpoweramp to make sure they were correct.

    Prior to receiving this error message, the CD would spin for twenty minutes (or more) without generating a WAV file. When stepping through the patch process with Acronova, I was able to rip an entire CD (24 tracks) in five minutes. However, I got an error message, and the ripped tracks did not contain the music that was on the originating CD.

    The error message for the tracks similarly read:

    Information ripping to Wave, 'Track 1' to 'K:\116\4272.wav'
    Track 1: ERROR Ripping LBA 0 to 7557 (1:40) in 0:11. Filename: K:\116\4272.wav
    Unable to read CD, check CD disc (frame LBA 0 ripping 26 frames track end LBA 7557)

    I have attached the complete file.
    Attached Files Attached Files
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