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Thread: Beat per minute analysis and tagging

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    Beat per minute analysis and tagging


    I've been using dBpoweramp for at least 5 years. I even bought a Windows 7 licence combined to Boot Camp on my MacBook mainly for dBpoweramp. Now that dBpoweramp is available on Mac, I might even buy dBpoweramp for Mac OS!

    I would like to see a new feature on dBpoweramp. I would like to be able to analyze my songs and determine the approximate BPM and tag my songs with this value...

    I downloaded a very nice app this week called Tangerine! which can analyze an entire library, but it is exclusive to Mac and iTunes. And it costs 25$US! I even bought MixMeister's BMP Analyser only to discover that it only worked with ID3 tags... Seriously, I would be very happy to see such feature implemented to dBpoweramp. I love to workout with upbeat music and progressively faster songs. Tangerine! is very useful and easy to use, but I hate that it's so Apple exclusive.


    Oh! Also, I noticed that other threads about this particular feature request exist here. It's hard to find them all because "BPM" it too short for a search query.
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    Re: Beat per minute analysis and tagging

    Hi BOWi,

    I am a DJ, and the best app I can recommend for you is Mixed In Key (www.mixedinkey.com), it accurately analyses music files for BPM, Key and Energy Level. It is well worth the purchase.

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