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Release 15.2

Naming: Added new [tags]element,deliminator[], example [tags]artist,_COMMA_ [] [tags] allows tags with multiple values (ie artists) to save all values
Known tag using DSP Effect ID Tag Processing
Updated to latest VS 2013 compiler for whole dBpoweramp
Every component is code signed, hopefully will reduce false positive virus detections
Proxy settings used for check for update
Get Art from Internet faster


Added Musepack, Opus and Ogg decoders as standard
AIFF can decode and encode 32 bit float
FLAC updated to 1.3.1
m4a AAC decoder able to better handle minor corrupted files
m4a ALAC decoder able to decode mono files
m4a decoder able to handle youtube extracted aac track
iTunenorm tags are dropped during conversion
Multi-Encoder: now supports [encoder] and [encoder+] in dynamic filenaming
Wave tag decoding, if a INFO/list tag element is not recognized (such as non-standard) the tag is read out as its 4 char ID (read only tags), which can be mapped

CD Ripper

Artist, Label and Year columns shown even if non-comilation
New options to only eject if secure
Shows AccurateRip miss-match instead of x AR in results for secure ripping
Compilation generation (for review page) it autodetects based on individual provider
Internal memory pool moved to each encoder, rather than global
Musicbrainz returns isrc now

Bug Fixes

Updated to latest flac library to fix tagging crash on certain corrupted Qobuz purchased tracks
Reading of rating for mp3 could return 0 for 5 rated files
Writing of iTuneNORM for mp3, AIFF is compatible for iTunes (if writing UTF-16 tags)
Using multi encoder would internally leak memory in Music Converter
Batch Converter, if remove folders then the refresh would only remove top one
Displayed filename in CD ripper not updating when setting a track number offset
CD Ripper listing tracks from very freaky discs (such as ones which start at track 17)
CD Ripper could get stuck with inf messages about not being able to overread
CD ripper when entering metadata and press enter, no longer a delay of a second to move to next field