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Thank you garym. The author distinguishes between file name and tag. If I understand him correctly, what he calls tags appears to be in dBpoweramp the categories in Set File Naming. So are file names different from tags in dBpoweramp? If so, please explain.

Are there any other tagging applications other than Musicbrainz that you like for classical music?

Spoon said I can't use SonataDB with Batch Ripper. If I find some discs get really poor metadata results in Batch Ripper, might I re-run them singly in CD Ripper using SonataDB? Would it be best to delete the original file before ripping the CD again or can SonataDB just re-do the metadata?

In Secure Rip setup, the instructions don’t include the line “Cancel disc ripping after any insecure track.” Should I check this box when batch ripping? When ripping single CDs?