Hey everyone,

Sorry if this question is in the wrong place, I just wasn't sure where else it would fit in.

I've had dbpoweramp for a while now, and I use it to rip all of my CDs to FLAC format which I put on my iPod with rockbox.

When initially setting up dbpoweramp ripper, I just followed the setup guide exactly as the pictures showed, so when I got to the DSP "Replay Gain" section, I left the setting "EBU R128 Calculated Gain -23 LUFS Target Volume" just as it was in the picture at -23.

I sort of forgot all about that setting for a while until I had an Mp3 file that was really loud in comparison to my other files, and I used the batch converter to add the Replay Gain DSP tag to it and it fixed the volume.

However, it was also then that I realized I never looked into what the optimal setting for the Replay Gain should be. After reading around, a lot of people are saying it should be instead set to -18.

What is the difference between -23 and -18? Is it just that -18 will be able to be played at a louder volume? I did notice that even maxed out on my iPod the music doesn't get overtly loud, so it got me thinking that maybe I screwed up and should have changed that setting a long time ago.

So overall, my questions are:

1.) Would a change from -23 to -18 make a very significant different in sound volume/quality with my music files?

2.) Since I've already ripped probably around 150 CDs, would the process of changing all of the tags be a nightmare if I wanted to change them all to -18?

Thanks for any help and sorry if this is a dumb question!