I have installed the registered version 15.1, but so far not a single track ripped, only frustration, please help!:vmad:

System: Win 7 x64, Intel i7, 32GB RAM, Optical drive LG BH16NS40. I wish to convert my CDs to FLAC.

I have installed (and uninstalled) several times, even tried the 15.2 beta, no success!

1) With AccurateRip: on inserting the first disc the configuration window pops up, OK that, then "not responding" for ages (I left it even >15min), Windows circle goes round and round and... nothing. Stopping now dBPA is a matter of another 15min, sometimes the disc is locked up in the drive for a while, then eventually released. When eventually the dBPA window closes, it takes another few minutes for CDGrab.exe to stop in the Task Manager. CPU is 0% all this time;

2) Without AccurateRip, burst mode: the CD is read, all metadata appears, I can see all databases (Review Metadata). Now press Rip and the fun starts: keeps showing Ripping Track 1 of XX, Ripping 0%. There is some disc activity for a while, the album folder, album art written and some 100k+ from the first track. Now, after 30min, appears Ripping Speed x0.0, like I didn't already know that. To cancel the rip and close the program now will take some more time of my life, as above.

This is a very bad experience out-of-the-box I'm having with a "paid for" software, your input is eagerly awaited and appreciated.