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Thread: Help with set file naming

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    Help with set file naming

    Hey guys (and gals) I want my files to come out as follows after a rip \(my default ripping directory)\ Artist - Album (Date Released) [type of mp3 rip I'm doing (formatted either V0 or V2)]\ track number track name.

    So for example D:\Rips\Logic - Under Pressure (2014) [V2]\ 01 Intro , 02 Soul Food, 03 I'm Gone

    The naming script I'm currently writing isn't working, can someone offer one that will work? Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Help with set file naming

    [artist] - [album] ([year]) [V2]\[track] [title]

    Note the v2 is hard coded, you would define profiles in CD ripper and have different naming depending on profile.

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