Have installed the Asset UPnP R4.3 on a QNAP NAS. It works fine with one exeption:

I'v a lot of classical music - and from some music I have more than one recording. E. g. I have Beethovens 6th symphony from Bernstein, Karajan, Furtwangler and some others (I use the album-tag of the mp3/flac file for this. So the album tag is e. g. 'Sinfony No. 6' and the title-tag of the mp3/flac has the information about the movements. So I configured a seach tree for this kind of music:

Startpoint: --> genre -> composer -> ALBUM -> coductor
_______________________________________-> artist

This search tree works correct until I reach 'ALBUM'. Instead of showing one item 'Symphony No. 6' or 'Piano Concerto No. 4' I see on all clients I have tried (2 Android devices and a DENON F109) all this albums in parallel and (so I see fife times the 'Piano Concerto Nr. 3') and the browse tree stops there --- I'm not able to make the selections 'conductor' or artist ...

I've also uploaded a screenshot of the browse tree - but exept this issue all works correct.

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