Using Batch Ripper and CD Ripper, I recently ripped my CDs for the last time. It took a while to get the settings right. I want my MP3 and WMA conversions to end up in the same folder structure as my flac files and have the ID3 tag info preserved.

I copied the dynamic output location from CD Ripper to Batch Converter. The only thing that didn't do was move "The" to the end of a folder name ("Artist, the") when artist names start with "The". How do I accomplish that?

I want the metadata to be applied to the converted files, including album art. Do you have to add DSP ID Tag Processing and set the Manipulation to accomplish that?

Will Replay Gain import from a FLAC to MP3 conversion? Does the DSP Replay Gain need to be added to the conversion?

Can I add Replay Gain to existing FLAC files by doing a FLAC to FLAC conversion with DSP Replay Gain added? Is there a better way to add the Replay Gain tag to FLAC files that don't have it?

Is there an easy way to have the MP3 files, converted from FLAC, end up in the same way the FLAC files from CD are (folder naming, metadata, replay gain, etc.), do CD Ripper and Batch Converter need to be set up separately?

Thanks for any assistance.