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Thread: How to convert .midi to .wav or mp3

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    How to convert .midi to .wav or mp3

    I'm so confused.

    I just downloaded dMC-r15.1-Registered.exe(15.1) and am attempting to convert a midi file.
    If I open Windows Explorer>Music folder> right click on a .wav or .mid file, I get the little icon and option to convert; however, if I right click on a midi file, there is no option to convert.
    I know I could convert midi files back when I used to use this program back in 2005 - have several pages of notes and conversations with a "Christina" about dMC Auxiliary Input, Options, Input Source, Recording Control, Recording Control, Record to ....etc, etc. I don't see any of that in this program I downloaded. What am I doing wrong?

    There is discussion on the forum about "Reference" and I don't know what that is? Back in 2005, I purchased something called "Power Pack & MP3 Encoder License" I thought I would receive that along with the music converter I just downloaded.

    Sorry to be such a dunce. I don't do big album conversions or complicated stuff - just want to convert single little music files. I'm not seeing the whole picture of what I need to do to do that. Can somebody help me, please?


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    Re: How to convert .midi to .wav or mp3

    Have you downloaded and installed the midi codec available from Codec Central

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    Re: How to convert .midi to .wav or mp3


    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! As I mentioned, I'm a bit of a dunce and barely know what I'm doing here and didn't know about downloading the midi codec - but I did it and have converted a couple of midi files successfully and I am one happy camper!

    Thanks again...............Thais

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