Hi, I am somewhat new to UpNP so please excuse my ignorance.

I had been using a classic squeezebox over Wi-Fi with all files and squeezebox media server loaded on my windows 7 ultimate desktop computer, and the squeezebox running to a b&k pre-amp via rca cables. I store mp3 files in one location (C:\user\my music) and flacs in another (D:\Music). Squeezebox server allowed me to place a shortcut to the 2nd location in the 1st location to access my flac files on the squeezebox. This all worked fine until my squeezebox died and I couldn't replace it with another.

I ended up replacing it with a Cambridge Audio Sonata NP30 and I installed Asset UPnP since windows UpNP won't serve up flacs. It took me a while to get my firewall configured to allow the music to pass thru, but finally got the NP30 playing, and it sounds great (far superior to the squeezebox) even though I've only been able to play MP3s. My problem is the NP30 (both via unit display screen and Stream Magic Android App) does not see the flacs. I tried with the shortcut as before and adding the 2nd folder to the music location via advance setting config. My best guess is that I'm still somehow using the windows UpNP server which is why the flacs don't show up, but I'm selecting the only server available on the display. It shows up as "Computer Name"(user name). My other thought is that I haven't purchased the premium package yet (waiting to make sure everything works properly), but I really don't think that would stop flacs from serving up. Any ideas on how to solve this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Also, is there a limit to how many folders can be added (containing either files or playlists)? and should the shortcut work the way it did with squeezebox? Thanks Again!