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Thread: Batch converter not recognizing audio files

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    Re: Batch converter not recognizing audio files

    Send your request please to this email:


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    Re: Batch converter not recognizing audio files

    I am experiencing the exact same issue. I've been using dbPoweramp batch converter for years, the v14 lastly. I have regularly used to convert my lossless WMA files into other formats. I recently upgraded to v15, and am finding that it cannot see files that previous version had no problem with seeing or converting. I tried copying the folder of an artist to root of C:\, and dbPowerAmp still cannot see the files. The files are there in Windows File Explorer, I can play the files, they were accessible to previous version of dbPowerAmp as I had converted the Lossless WMA files to other versions in past. Other folders/files in the same root are visible and able to convert, but a number of folders do not show any files in the dbPowerAmp Batch converter. I tried running as Administrator. No improvement. Running Windows 7 64 bit. Nothing else has changed since this worked in previous version.

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    Re: Batch converter not recognizing audio files

    I figured out my problem. I didn't have the Windows Media codec installed. Once I did that, all the folders with lossless WMA files showed up.

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