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Thread: CDTEXT as Meta Source

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    Question CDTEXT as Meta Source

    Hi guys, I've had a good rustle around in the forums and can't find the answer I'm after.

    I need to be able to use CDTEXT as a meta source - is there any way to get this working with the batch ripper (R2)?

    The few posts that I've found on the matter seem to die without much discussion / are saying this feature is not available.

    Is this an intentional move to force people into paying for the third party providers? It just seems like a massive oversight.

    Is this the case or am I missing something major here?



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    Re: CDTEXT as Meta Source

    It was never implemented as there was never the demand, given that CD Text is present only on less than 10% of discs.

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    Re: CDTEXT as Meta Source

    Hey Spoon,

    Thanks for the quick response, I can totally see the logic in that. I've settled with using multiple instances of the CD Ripper.


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