I am interested in ripping a large collection of non-commercial discs using dBpoweramp and two acronova Nimbies. They are hour-long recordings that are segmented for previewing purposes, but I am interested in having the recording ripped to a single file.

Further, I have a tab-delimited text file of metadata to construct file names and directories. This metadata should be applied as a stack of CDs is ripped sequentially.

1. Can "Rip as One" be incorporated as part of the Batch Ripper functionality? From what I can tell from the forum, it cannot. I would like to avoid slowing down throughput by trying to script concatenation of files after ripping the individual tracks.

2. Is it be possible to read metadata from a source other than an online database? I see here you suggest tagging the file headers with a script, but I would like them to be named and mapped to the correct directory based on the values of my text document. I already have a separate script for embedding BWF headers.

Many thanks in advance for your help. I realize these functions are already part of the MFDigital Ripstation suite.